Homes Protected

Mezuzah it forward

Guard your home

Preserve your security

I am your Mezuzah. 

A symbol of Jewish pride. An open invitation to welcome the Divine. 

Meet: Mezuzah. 

From its perch on your doorway, a Mezuzah provides protection and security. The Shema prayer inscribed within it affirms G-ds unity and presence in our lives.

A Mezuzah is an expression of the watchful eye of G-d that constantly protects us, giving personal attention that only the

Divine can provide. A G-dly embrace. 

This is Mezuzah.

Mezuzah it forward

I want in

Check mine



[What’s inside me?]

I am created from handcrafted parchment and placed on the doorposts of Jewish homes and offices. The words of the Shema prayer are expertly handwritten on me

by a scribe using ink and quill. 

I help remind you of your heritage and strengthen your connection to G-d; marking our house as a place where G-d can call home. While you may not install a Mezuzah everyday, it shapes and frames our everyday life. I transform your house into a home, helping build an enclave of holiness and spirituality that is dedicated to meaning, purpose, and tradition.  

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